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How Does Skillerss Work?

Skillerss tutor's marketplace will allow you to browse and find your best tutor's selection around the world and meeting them face to face via a powerful video chat system.  

How Do I Register and Activate My Account?

By clicking on Join now you need to fill the required information, once you sign in you will receive an activation email. Just click the link to activate your account. In case you didn't find the activation email, check your spam folder or click on resend on the top of the page. contact us on If you still facing a problem finding the activation email. 

Where is My Activation Email?

If you can't find the email, you should check your spam folder. Please make sure that is added to your address book and not marked as spam. 

How Do I Set up My Billing Information?

Once your account is activated, you can add your billing information by clicking on the Settings ➞ Account setting. Make sure the information will be accurate as your invoice will be based on this information 

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